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Why LED Headlight
1. Halogen bulb: less bright,lifespan is too short.
2. Xenon HID: too bright which is dangerous for the coming cars,and it is forbidden in some of the countries now, such as USA, Brazil.
3.LED Headlight: perfect brightness,not too strong and not too weak; 50000 hours lifesapn which is 100 times more than halogen and 10 times more than HID.


A significant difference from other light sources is that the light is more directional, i.e., emitted as a whole light instead of patch of light of normal bulbs, no blind area.

80W LED lamps are used for both general and special-purpose lighting. Where colored light is needed.


European Union Directive 2008/89/EC requires all passenger cars and small delivery vans first type approved on or after 7 February 2011 in the EU to come equipped with daytime running lights.The mandate will extend to trucks and buses in August 2012. 

Functional piggybacking, such as operating the headlamps or front turn signals or fog lamps as DRLs, is not permitted; 

the EU Directive requires functionally specific daytime running lamps compliant with ECE Regulation 87 and mounted to the vehicle in accord with ECE Regulation 48.DRLs compliant with R87 emit white light of between 400 and 1200 candela.

This is world's first 40W color changing LED headlight, which will replace of HID xenon lamp forbidden by most of countries. 3600lumens! Energy saving, Safety protected! You'll enter a whole new realm of experience!!



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Brand 12VO covers a series of  led high power bulbs, daytime running lights and 42w led headlamp, it well received  from overseas customers after years application using.



It is leading force for led bulbs to attain innovative progress. 16*5 CREE chip =900lumen, super vision for fog lamp, turn light, brake light, reversing light ...etc. This will be a whole new experience for you!


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Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

December 13, 2009

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As a result of European legislation adopted in 2008 dedicated daytime running lights (DRL) have been required on all new types of passenger cars and small delivery vans since February 2011. Trucks and buses followed from August 2012.


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